About Company

Established in 1954, by Late Mr. M.A. Raheem, Our Focus - Accuracy Weights is expert in the production and supply of mesuring equipments to wide range of industrial , research institutions, pharmaceutical, life science, food and beverage, chemical, microbiology, water testing and environment. Our Vision - Become a means and services in the application of science and technology.

Our Mission - Providing service to customers of appropriate and satisfication. Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us Understand you and your business neecs so that we can serve you better.

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Our Vision

A sales force well-trained to sell its products and support, and consult with, our customers and clients.

A marketing team that enables us to reach more customers in more compelling ways and raise our profile across our industries and around the globe.

An export traffic team that provides us with a competitive edge, enabling us to win and retain customer loyalty and become our customers’ supplier of choice.

A continuous investment in new business software and systems, new communication technology and staff training to ensure we remain on technology’s leading edge.

Our Mission

To provide world class quality, Weight Box products to our customers keeping inline commitments with regards to quality incumbency, well-timed shipments and a transparent business approach. Add value to customer's expectations by -supplying quality products & services.

To create healthy and peaceful environment between the company stakeholders and ensure sustainable profit.

To offer the best products with no defects.

To focus on being the leading trader and be socially responsible.