M1 Class Rectangle Type Weight in M.S. Bright Bar 1kg to 50kg & 100Kg to 2 Ton In Cylindrical Type


Specification: Rectangular Shape, Standard OIML size • We manufacture in solid rectangular M.S. bright bar manufacture in advance milling C.N.C. machine no holes no scratch. • Color with powder coating. • At upper surface of one of the arms of the weight duly closed by steel plate and sealed by lead plug. • Marking with laser marking.
OIML Class: M1 Class Available Rectangle Type Weight
Material Grade: M.S. Bright Bar
Adjusting Cavity: Yes
Brand: A.R
Usage in: Adjustment testing and calibration instrument for weighbridge, industrial scale, commercial scales, learning materials for schools and training. Load tests in elevator, crane and vehicle building construction.
Country of origin: Made in India
Brand: A.R
Transport Package: Pillet Wooden Box for export only
Payment terms: 100 Advance (T/T) or 100% confirmed irrevocable LC at sight.
Note: Class M1 weights or weight sets shall be accompanied by a “Calibration Certificate”.
Special Note: The modification, mistakes or typing mistakes cannot lead to any compensation.

Tolerance Limit Chart

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