M1 Class Bullion Weight(Pharmaceutical Weights & Industrial) Stainless Steel 1g to 20kg Standard Weight


Conformity: Recommendation OIML R111
OIML Class: F1 & F2 Knob Type
Material Grade: Stainless Steel 304
Density: 7950± 100kg/m3
Adjusting Cavity: Yes
Magnetic susceptibility: m1g=<0.25
Usage in: Pharmaceuticals Industries, Laboratories Food & Chemicals Industries.
Country of origin: Made in India
Brand: A.R
Transport Package: Pillet Wooden Box for export only
Payment terms: 100 Advance (T/T) or 100% confirmed irrevocable LC at sight.
Application (Use): Weights (mass) intended to ensure the traceability between the national MASS standards (with values derived from the International Prototype of the kilogram) and weights of class from E2 and lower.
Note: Class F1 & F2 weights or weight sets shall be accompanied by a “Calibration Certificate”.
Technical Specifications: One block material without adjusting cavity.
Special Note: The modification, mistakes or typing mistakes cannot lead to any compensation.
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